anchored in the Tarn, open to the world

14th season | July 8 to July 17, 2020

Season 2020 - Music of the Gardens


MASTER-CLASS | French-Singing Cultural Exchange Program

Discover the joys of the Tarn

For a number of years the Festival Puycelsi has been exploring the joy of music for choir and/or string orchestra. Don't hesitate to propose any rare or forgotten music you might know.
Intrense musical work of the festival choir and orchestra, assisted by artistes and teachers from all parts of Europe, result in the our extraordinary concerts, and include additional concerts given by guest artists and ensembles.
The festival is hosted by the association HARP of Puycelsi, with the intention of animating and spreading the word about our magnificant village in the Tarn, southwest France, a village which has been officially classified to be among les plus beaux villages de france, the most beautiful villages in France.

Set against this magnificant backdrop and in the lovely neighboring villages, the festival artists are the come together to create a series of intensive and unforgettable musical evenings during the lovely summer evenings of the Tarn.

Rare musical moments, shared in friendship and self-realization, filling the summer nights with the sound of voices,...to sing, to play an instrument and discover a very special region: these are the goals set by the Academy of the Festival de Puycelsi
Since 2015, Éric Beillevaire has been in charge of the artistic direction, and has gathered together an extraordinary Team of true excellence.
The concerts are directed by Olivier Kaspar.

Éric Beillevaire - Artistic Director

Since the summer of 2015 I have had the honor and pleasure to assist the Association HARP in its development of the Festival de Puycelsi: a unique artistic project of great quality, in an unusual rural setting. Our project generates each year noticable economic and touristic activity, which also extends into the rest of the year, lending impetus to further cultural activities in the area, and enlivening and helping to spread the word of our region. In just a few short years, through our activity we have continue to succeed in spreading our cultural ideas and values by the creation of a truly original festival. We have been succesfully able to realize a truly ambitious program, bringing quality classical music to a large and unusual audience, and to produce an exciting environment to work and learn for the festival participants. This is all made possible through the hard work of our many local volunteers in HARP, our many partner associations, and the financial support of our donors, public financial aid, and support from economic institutions.